Forgot to bring your business cards to a conference like TNW Europe 2016?

If you were to attend a conference like The Next Web in Amsterdam and you forgot your business cards, what might you say other than "so sorry, I’m completely out of cards" to not look bad?

Type this question on Quora whilst you are en route to the conference and you may find at least two or three innovative ideas that could save you the embarrassment. Opinions are highly divided - from re-printing your business cards, avoid providing an explanation (how are you supposed to follow up on your new connections then?) to writing emails with your information or perhaps get a carrier pigeon or raven to send the physical card next time!

When you think about it though the business card was invented in the 15th Century – we all occasionally receive a very interesting card particularly if its from a creative or maverick but in the most part they are almost all the same.

The suggestions on Quora won’t save you time though, and time is your most valuable asset when you are about to meet hundreds of investors, potential partners and customers. Some may argue that business cards are obsolete and if they are interested to connect they will find you on LinkedIn. This platform can make a lot of sense in the business world, however, how useful is LinkedIn in keeping your contacts’ details up to date? Have you ever wondered if the person you have just connected with has their latest information in their profile? LinkedIn is less worried about this because they have Inmail but find us somebody who loves Inmail?!

“People on LinkedIn only seem to update their information when they’re after a new job and there seems too much out there to believe in one single platform” Monty Munford, Forbes, Apr 22nd 2016

Also, just recently LinkedIn acknowledged that a massive batch of login credentials is being sold on the black market by hackers. The social network company is facing privacy concerns again and users may want to change all of their passwords ASAP.

The world of technology is at your feet especially at TNW Europe 2016 and it is crazy that people talk of only two options to choose from in this scenario - LinkedIn and email - when you want to connect with someone for the first time without business cards! There is, however, a new app on the block with a better and smarter solution to that - it’s called ConnectiD, an easy to use app for people and businesses to access, share and automatically update contact details!

Why should you get ConnectiD?

  • Remember the question on Quora? Unlike traditional business cards, ConnectiD is always with you - No more running out of cards.
  • You want to enjoy the conference, meet new people and avoid manually keying information or risk the information not staying up to date. ConnectiD has patented technology which keeps your contact info always up to date. No more scratching out your phone number when you get a new one!
  • You simply do not have time to manually key the information into your phone! Imagine the sheer volume of people you are expecting to meet this week! Why keep sharing details in the old-fashioned way? ConnectiD offers you the fastest way to exchange a complete set of details using AirDrop, NFC, E-mail or SMS and in return you get accurate and real-time contact information from everyone you know on ConnectiD.
  • Because nobody is one-dimensional, so ConnectiD enables you to create multiple profiles for the different roles in your life! Use your business profile during the day to ensure effective meetings and switch to your social one for the after party! You get to see all of your contacts’ updates in a single location, choose what information you share with whom, – and you can add or decrease what you share at any time.
  • Save trees. We would bet that 95% of print business cards end up in the trash.

What to do next?

Follow these 3 easy steps and we promise a new experience at TNW this year:

1. Get ConnectiD for iOS or Android and register your account this should take no more than 30 seconds;

2. Create your business/social profile and invite a few close contacts to join ConnectiD so you can see how it works when you meet someone new - 90 seconds;

3. People accept your invite requests and share their profiles with you - Now you have their contact details always up to date in your smartphone - Here’s the trick - you do not have to lift a finger to keep your address book organised and updated = 0 seconds!

In approximately 2 minutes you can connect and exchange in a professional way digitally with anyone you meet at the conference. ConnectiD not only gives you control of your contact information, as you can choose what you share with whom. It gives you back valuable time you could use in better ways, with your loved ones or working on a side project.

About ConnectiD

ConnectiD Limited is a software development company based in London, UK. ConnectiD is an easy to use app to access, share and automatically update contact information.

It has the vision to organise the worlds contact information by providing a patent pending service to help people and businesses access up to date contact details.

Be the first in line to Get ConnectiD for Up to date contacts. Always.

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